Terri Chiao: Projections by ari kalinowski

Also on Friday night Terri Chiao presented a series of projections. She took video during the day of the natural shadow projections from the sun on the structure during the day as well as of the forest and stream in the area immediately surrounding The Hut. With the help of projectionist Gene Kogan, the videos were projected onto the structure at night and the results were quite stunning!

Terri admires her work with other participants.

Day 9 by ari kalinowski

Our calendar has really been filling up lately...

Our ever-changing, ever-growing wall calendar of all events and happenings at The Build. Created and managed by Chihao Yo.

Our mind map has also been growing and evolving.

The latest version of the Mind Map.

Today we had a political discussion on the core values of Ecology, Technology and Autonomy lead by Anne Goldenberg and Chihao Yo.

Notes from the discussion.

Some of the key points included political discourse as a "vibrant expression of difference", collective vs. individual, common good and resources vs. private space and creating safe spaces for these kinds of discussions.

Days 6-8 by ari kalinowski

Much has happened in the past three days. We installed the projectors and did our first tests of the projection system.

Projector installation

An EcoHacker in his natural habitat

Projection test

Anne Goldenberg presents her work in the structure.

Today Anne gave a workshop on meditating with electronic devices as well as a laptop autopsy.

Anne's workshop

This evening Chihao Yo hosted a live IRC chat in the structure with other activists from New York and Taiwan.

Day 5 - Structure Completed! by ari kalinowski

Each morning we start the day by listening to a podcast from findtheconversation.com. So far we have listened to conversations with David Korten, Max More and Carolyn Raffensperger.

Listening to the morning podcast.

We have created our own mind map of some of the concepts surrounding the conversations

Today was a big day for the structure. We attached the screens to the roof and laid in the beams for the walls. Then lastly the screen walls were put up and the structure is finished!

Laying in roof and beams

Roof raising

The whole crew in the structure sans walls

Creating the screens for the moveable walls for entry and the structure with three walls in place.

The completed structure! Eastern wall, view facing West.

East-facing view of the structure with two flaps open.

Tomorrow we install the projectors and begin work on artist projects!

Day 4 by ari kalinowski

Yesterday the floorboards were laid on the platform, posts for the walls brought down to the site and roof pieces were assembled.


Posts carried to site, floorboards screwed into place

Stretching the fabric for the roof pieces.

The four roof pieces, ready to go.

In the evenings we cook dinner for each other and share work from our individual practices together. 

Terri and Adam, aka Chiaozza, fire up the grill.

Chihao Yo presents his work

In closing, I leave you all with the following image.

Day 3 by ari kalinowski

Yesterday we laid the platform for the floor of the structure into place and the support structure for the roof was built.

Floor platform being laid into place.

Isabelle collects rocks from the river to create a drainage system around the structure.

The frames for the walls were assembled and the fabric for the walls/projection screens were stretched. Then the floorboards were painted with a clear coat to make them smooth for bare feet.

One screen stretched and ready to become a wall.

Terri stands inside the pyramid roof resting on floor platform.

Day 2 by ari kalinowski

Today the site for the structure was cleared and the two base platforms of the structure were constructed.

Building materials and tools.

The Landscaping team cleared and leveled out the site for the structure.

The landscaping team, Anne, Adam, Sally and Chihao

The landscaping team, Anne, Adam, Sally and Chihao

The construction team built the two platforms that comprise the floor and subfloor of the structure.

Construction team, Terri, Jon, David and Isabelle

Construction team, Terri, Jon, David and Isabelle

The first platform laid in place.

The first platform laid in place.

Tomorrow we will lay the second platform down along with floorboards and assemble the walls.

Second platform, ready to go.

Second platform, ready to go.

The Build Begins by ari kalinowski

Today is the first official day of The Build! All the participants have arrived and settled into our lovely farmhouse in Delhi, NY.

View of the barn and field outside the farmhouse on property for EcoHacker Build

View of the barn and field outside the farmhouse on property for EcoHacker Build

This evening we gave an overview of EcoHacker as an organization and discussed our plans for the next seven days.

Dinner on Day 1

Dinner on Day 1

We are very excited to start working--construction begins tomorrow at 11am! Our first step will be landscaping the area and then we will begin laying the groundwork for the platform of the structure.

Many details to follow!