Day 5 - Structure Completed! / by ari kalinowski

Each morning we start the day by listening to a podcast from So far we have listened to conversations with David Korten, Max More and Carolyn Raffensperger.

Listening to the morning podcast.

We have created our own mind map of some of the concepts surrounding the conversations

Today was a big day for the structure. We attached the screens to the roof and laid in the beams for the walls. Then lastly the screen walls were put up and the structure is finished!

Laying in roof and beams

Roof raising

The whole crew in the structure sans walls

Creating the screens for the moveable walls for entry and the structure with three walls in place.

The completed structure! Eastern wall, view facing West.

East-facing view of the structure with two flaps open.

Tomorrow we install the projectors and begin work on artist projects!