Calling for videos about sustainability, open-source, and localism

2016-09-16 Call closing

2016-10-08 Screening @ Brooklyn Bridge Park

2016-10-22 Screening @ BKLYN Army Terminal

Dates and location subject to change

Calling all video artists! Biome Arts is hosting screenings of video art, short film, and documentary as part of the event series Eco_Hack 2016. The screenings will take place aboard Swale, a floating food forest by Mary Mattingly, inside the Greenhouse Theater, a multi-purpose structure built aboard Swale by Biome Arts.

Eco_Hack 2016 is an installation and performance series taking place at Swale. Swale is a floating garden of edible and medicinal plants that asks the question: What if healthy, fresh food could be a free public service and not just an expensive commodity? Built on a 130-foot by 40-foot barge Swale contains an edible forest garden using a sustainable form of agriculture called permaculture. Swale imagines an alternate future with water and fresh food as commons.

Lens-based artist Sally Bozzuto along with Biome Arts will be curating evenings of video art, short film, and documentary to be screened on Swale using a projection system we created in the Greenhouse Theater. We are looking for video intersecting/creating relationships between:

ecology, sustainability, food justice, environmental justice

open-source, civic data and technology

localism, alternative political organizing, prefigurative politics, hacking, blockchain, decentralization, autonomy from centralized infrastructure (food, energy, water, telecommunication, healthcare, transportation)


  • Submission is free.

  • Email us at connect AT biomearts DOT net, or use our Contact Form. Use subject line Eco_Hack 2016 Video Submission.

  • Please describe your work briefly, with how it relates to the themes listed above.

  • We will notify you regarding our decision early October at the latest.

Screening agreement & licensing

For us to screen your work, you have to either

  1. Download and sign this Usage Agreenment OR
  2. Assign a permissive license to your work. CC or these licenses may be a good place to start.

The Usage Agreement can ensure that the screening of your work is done with your permssion. Assigning a license to your work that is permissive can encourage sharing, remix, and collaboration. 👍

File spec

  • Have a high-resolution version available for download via Google Drive, Dropbox, and so on, should your work be selected.

  • Use an open format so that it can be easily played on most media players.


Your video should contain any and all titles/credits you wish to appear as part of the screening. There will be no title cards or written program as part of the event.

Language-specific things

Eco_Hack 2016 is taking place in New York, we think it is preferable that your video comes with English subtitles if the soundtrack is not English. If you can, include Spanish subtitles as well. Spanish is the second-most spoken language in the United States.