Eco_Hack 2016 & Swale has closed

Thank you. We will take a two-week break before proceeding to documentation and fulfilling promises of our crowd-funding campaign.

Eco_Hack 2016 & Swale is closing

Final closing events are on November 12th & 13th. Visit our program page to find out before winter comes.

Installation & programming has begun as of July 19

We are in the process of creating a collective installation in and around Greenhouse Theater that interacts with Swale, its surrounding environment, and the people.

The first opening of Swale will be in Concrete Plant Park, Bronx, NY, USA on July 23+24, 12-7pm. Find more programming on art, politics, and the commons here.


Construction has begun as of June 20

We have begun construction of Greenhouse Theater, the central structure of Eco_Hack 2016. Get progress report on Twitter and the Updates page!

Support Eco_Hack 2016

We are hosting a free, month-long gathering open to the public that includes a giant installation, a performance series, and skill-share workshops. It is taking place this summer at Mary Mattingly’s Swale, a floating food forest on the Hudson River.

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Eco_Hack 2016 is…

Eco_Hack 2016 is a communal incubator for radical practices of art and activism based on open-source technologies, environmental awareness, and semi-autonomous commons.

We will build a large scale architectural structure on Mary Mattingly’s Swale. This structure will serve as a performance space, activist meeting hall, gallery and platform for artworks that emerge from the multiple overlapping considerations of renewable energy systems, environmental protection, open source software, digital literacy, networked activism, and collective organizing. It will also serve as the control center for Core 2.0, the next large scale installation constructed by the group.

Core 2.0 will be a large scale installation mediating ecology, technology & people.

Our group is seeding Swale’s forest with sensors. We are measuring information such as water movement and salinity, air temperature and humidity, wind direction and magnitude, etc. We will also be measuring the growth of plant, animal and human populations and as well as their movement. We will then create semi-abstract data visualizations that will re-broadcast this data onto the forest; so, in essence, the real forest will be driving a digital abstraction layered on top of it, creating a new kind of large scale “cybernetic ecology.”

Sounds from the forest will emanate from the central structure, and be remixed into a generative musical composition. Language will be gathered from conversations within the forest, and from social media, that reference themes that are important to the installation, and will appear, on leaves and trunks at intermittent moments. In short, we are creating a networked, digital forest that enables new forms of ecological stewardship and human-ecosystem collaboration.

Core 2.0 will also serve as staging ground for other work by participants.

Brian House and Lucia Monge are collaborating on Shake Hands Like Leaves, an ongoing project whose overall goal is to create a speculative language that translates the movement of trees to the human body. They use motion sensors and other digital and analog methods to generate meeting points of perception and challenge our understanding of what movement and even animacy looks like.

Eduardo Robles will develop public programs and digital humanities workshops that think through spatial politics and culture, collaborating with local youth organizations, such as Youth Ministries for Peace and Justice, and site visitors, to map out environment and public history using open source technologies.

Gail Dodge will install a series of sculptures on the barge consisting of small, cast-concrete pedestals embedded with found objects that she curates from the streets surrounding the areas where Swale docks.

Sally Bozzuto with Biome Arts will curate an evening of video art around the themes of ecology, technology and autonomy. If you are interested in submitting video artwork please use our contact page to get in touch!