Physical Installation & Website Installation by ari kalinowski

We've been hard at work on our final installation for Swale, tentatively titled: The Archive of the Ecological Future. The Biome Arts Core Team has been coding: (a.) a data visualization of wind speed and direction to be projected onto the hanging fabric in the structure, (b.) an archive of all the plants on Swale, paired with the political entities that have either participated in the project and/or who embody the principles that Swale seeks to promote and (c.) a set of LEDs installed in the pit of the structure, which visualize soil moisture. Together, these three programs create a kind of abstract garden and/or forest where nature and politics are woven together as shape, light and language. The Internet Team, David Castillo, Jaime Tammer and Anna Nigma have been hard at work building (a.) a live data dashboard for Swale, as well as (b.) an online version of our installation (see photographs).

More on installation by chihao yo

Sally and David are on-site this weekend. Back doors of structure are secured. Curtain is more secured (still corners left to do). Next iteration of the central installation has begun. Frames built, pit cleared. Painting, rigging, assembly of frames with tulle + building plastic tarp, installing programmable LED with power is next. Speakers installed.

Real-time internet sensor monitoring, social media robots and a Biome crypto-coin by ari kalinowski

Saito is coordinating with data specialist Jaime Tanner, web developer Ana Nigma, and web developer David Castillo in order to create a website that tracks all Swale's data in real time.

The website may contain Saito's social media robots, which can scan the twittersphere around the barge and notify interested parties of Swale's location and on-going events.

Saito is also discussing the feasability of implementing a crypto coin with Pamela Pascual.

Eyebeam by chihao yo

Friends at Eyebeam is on site today for an interview with Mary and Biome Arts.

Brandon of YMPJ is giving a tour of Swale to friends at Swale.

Brandon of YMPJ is giving a tour of Swale to friends at Swale.

chihao is leaving New York today.

Core 2.1 by chihao yo

chihao is on site to complete the fabric installation.

Curtain, column, Taiwanese independence flag.

Curtain, column, Taiwanese independence flag.

Adjustments are made to the sensor network setup. Xbee receiver is moved to the tower to allow better singal reception from all outposts.

Core 2.0.1 by chihao yo

After last night’s discussion with Saito, chihao is on-site, making the next iteration of the fabric installation today.

Saito and Rebecca are setting up 360-degreen camera for live streaming documentation and modifying code for data visualization and projection.

This is Core 2.0.1.

This is Core 2.0.1.

YMPJ Brunch on Swale; projection by chihao yo

YMPJ is hosting a brunch on board Swale today.

Saito and chihao are playing with projection for a permenant data/light installation inside Greenhouse Theater: Core 2.0.

Sensors, projection by chihao yo

chihao is deploying and running tests on the sensor outposts today.

Sensor outpost deployed.

Sensor outpost deployed.

Saito and chihao are mounting and setting up projection system after sunset.