Physical Installation & Website Installation / by ari kalinowski

We've been hard at work on our final installation for Swale, tentatively titled: The Archive of the Ecological Future. The Biome Arts Core Team has been coding: (a.) a data visualization of wind speed and direction to be projected onto the hanging fabric in the structure, (b.) an archive of all the plants on Swale, paired with the political entities that have either participated in the project and/or who embody the principles that Swale seeks to promote and (c.) a set of LEDs installed in the pit of the structure, which visualize soil moisture. Together, these three programs create a kind of abstract garden and/or forest where nature and politics are woven together as shape, light and language. The Internet Team, David Castillo, Jaime Tammer and Anna Nigma have been hard at work building (a.) a live data dashboard for Swale, as well as (b.) an online version of our installation (see photographs).