More on installation by chihao yo

Sally and David are on-site this weekend. Back doors of structure are secured. Curtain is more secured (still corners left to do). Next iteration of the central installation has begun. Frames built, pit cleared. Painting, rigging, assembly of frames with tulle + building plastic tarp, installing programmable LED with power is next. Speakers installed.

Core 2.1 by chihao yo

chihao is on site to complete the fabric installation.

Curtain, column, Taiwanese independence flag.

Curtain, column, Taiwanese independence flag.

Adjustments are made to the sensor network setup. Xbee receiver is moved to the tower to allow better singal reception from all outposts.

Core 2.0.1 by chihao yo

After last night’s discussion with Saito, chihao is on-site, making the next iteration of the fabric installation today.

Saito and Rebecca are setting up 360-degreen camera for live streaming documentation and modifying code for data visualization and projection.

This is Core 2.0.1.

This is Core 2.0.1.

First opening by chihao yo

It is Swale’s first opening to the public today.

While engaging with visitors, we are working on the installation today.

#GreenhouseTheater at night time on board Swale.

#GreenhouseTheater at night time on board Swale.

David is leaving New York today.

Sensor network, installation, camera by chihao yo

Hyojin and Nupur is visiting Swale and joining force with Biome Arts to make Eco_Hack a reality.

Hyojin is working with chihao on construction of sensor network. Nupur and the rest of Biome Arts are working on installation.

Trying out Ricoh Theta S on board Swale.

Trying out Ricoh Theta S on board Swale.

Installation by chihao yo

Exploration by chihao yo

We are exploring our first monthly site at Concrete Plant Park, Bronx. We are exploring function and form of our first iteration installation.

This is the first day with power on board. We are working with the long-overdue power system to set up low-draw LED work lighting and trying out projectors.