Real-time internet sensor monitoring, social media robots and a Biome crypto-coin by ari kalinowski

Saito is coordinating with data specialist Jaime Tanner, web developer Ana Nigma, and web developer David Castillo in order to create a website that tracks all Swale's data in real time.

The website may contain Saito's social media robots, which can scan the twittersphere around the barge and notify interested parties of Swale's location and on-going events.

Saito is also discussing the feasability of implementing a crypto coin with Pamela Pascual.

Digital infrastructure, programming, security, organization by chihao yo

We are having a long work day on digital infrastrucutre & programming. Saito and chihao are at Eyebeam, building the sensor network and testing equipment for the projection system.

Horrifying thunderstorm in the afternoon.

Core meeting in the evening. Security became an serious discussion of different strategies of safeguarding equipment on board.

Organization, postcards, placard by chihao yo

We are taking a day off from construction to recharge. Forming strategies and a schedule for the coming week. Making post cards to hand out. Making a placard to thank all contributors during the making of the Greenhouse Theater.

Meetings and organization by chihao yo

Sally, chihao & Saito are meeting with Ayodamola Okunseinde in Dark Matter Manufacturing this morning. We are exchanging information regarding each other’s ongoing projects, and making decisions re: collaborate further.

chihao is meeting with Brian and Jake on Google Hangout in the afternoon. Jake provided his insight of open agriculture from building Common Garden. Brian, leading the design and construction of Eco_Hack’s sensor network onboard swale, presented working components of the network.

chihao & Saito co-work at Eyebeam’s studio in Industry City, Brooklyn. Two sandwiches and two bubble teas are consumed, many emails are sent, many phone calls are made.

Wall and floor buildout by chihao yo

As forcasted, it is a sunny day in Verplanck.

Two walls are erected in the morning by Terri & Adam, who are camping at King Marine to allow more work time. Much work is done adjusting cuts to lock in the main beams. Roof structures are assembled in parts. Two walls are painted white. We are reinforcing the floor further tomorrow.