Core 2.0.1 by chihao yo

After last night’s discussion with Saito, chihao is on-site, making the next iteration of the fabric installation today.

Saito and Rebecca are setting up 360-degreen camera for live streaming documentation and modifying code for data visualization and projection.

This is Core 2.0.1.

This is Core 2.0.1.

YMPJ Brunch on Swale; projection by chihao yo

YMPJ is hosting a brunch on board Swale today.

Saito and chihao are playing with projection for a permenant data/light installation inside Greenhouse Theater: Core 2.0.

Sensors, projection by chihao yo

chihao is deploying and running tests on the sensor outposts today.

Sensor outpost deployed.

Sensor outpost deployed.

Saito and chihao are mounting and setting up projection system after sunset.

Projection, prep for documentation by chihao yo

We are mounting one ultra-short throw projector on to the roof of the Greenhouse Theater. chihao is making a stand for another projector. Two projectors are facing each other, along with the fabric installation, creating sculpture of light inside. The front-projecting projector is also mounted to be used to project full-screen video on to the curtains.

We are organzing things around the Greenhouse Theater to prepare for documentation. Rain started around six in the afternoon. Plan to document the Greenhouse Theater was aborted.



Installation by chihao yo

Exploration by chihao yo

We are exploring our first monthly site at Concrete Plant Park, Bronx. We are exploring function and form of our first iteration installation.

This is the first day with power on board. We are working with the long-overdue power system to set up low-draw LED work lighting and trying out projectors.

Digital infrastructure, programming, security, organization by chihao yo

We are having a long work day on digital infrastrucutre & programming. Saito and chihao are at Eyebeam, building the sensor network and testing equipment for the projection system.

Horrifying thunderstorm in the afternoon.

Core meeting in the evening. Security became an serious discussion of different strategies of safeguarding equipment on board.