Painting, slats, doors by chihao yo

Second week of architecture buildout, all major structural components are complet. Daniel & Biome Arts begin to address functional and visual components of the #GreenhouseTheater.

Meetings and organization by chihao yo

Sally, chihao & Saito are meeting with Ayodamola Okunseinde in Dark Matter Manufacturing this morning. We are exchanging information regarding each other’s ongoing projects, and making decisions re: collaborate further.

chihao is meeting with Brian and Jake on Google Hangout in the afternoon. Jake provided his insight of open agriculture from building Common Garden. Brian, leading the design and construction of Eco_Hack’s sensor network onboard swale, presented working components of the network.

chihao & Saito co-work at Eyebeam’s studio in Industry City, Brooklyn. Two sandwiches and two bubble teas are consumed, many emails are sent, many phone calls are made.

Roof buildout by chihao yo

Roof is up. Slats are on.

Men from King Marine, Verplanck, NY are hoisting the roof of Greenhouse Theater of #ecohack2016.

Wall and floor buildout by chihao yo

As forcasted, it is a sunny day in Verplanck.

Two walls are erected in the morning by Terri & Adam, who are camping at King Marine to allow more work time. Much work is done adjusting cuts to lock in the main beams. Roof structures are assembled in parts. Two walls are painted white. We are reinforcing the floor further tomorrow.

Foundation buildout by chihao yo

Isabel joins Biome Arts for a day of buildout at King Marine. Light rain in the morning, then cloudy for the rest of the day. The foundation and one wall of Greenhouse Theather are complete.

Orientation by chihao yo

Terri, Adam, Sally, chihao, and Saito Group are on-site today, setting up for the construction of Greenhouse Theater. Rain in the afternoon suspends outdoor work.

Biome Arts at King Marine by chihao yo

Adam, Terri & chihao are at King Marine in Verplanck, NY to drop off tools and materials for Greenhouse Theater, Eco_Hack 2016’s central structure.

Note to new truck drivers:

  • Watch out height limit of roads
  • No parkway
  • Use a truck map app to find direction