Meeting 1/21/14 - Chihao by ari kalinowski

*.) Caroline Woolard

--BFM/MFA/PHD - DIY-degree

--Trade School - skill-trade

--Our Goods - goods-trade

--She said: "As the networks grow, hierarchy grows too."

--One Community for the Rest of Her Life

--still looking for that community (?); does it exist (?)

--longer scale pieces

--ultimate site specific practice

*.) Sharing Economy

--Chihao wishes it went farther than just business

*.) Organization as Art.

--organizations as art pieces.

--conceptual organizations vs. actual organizations?

--The people's united nations, e.g. (see above).

*.) Alternative Economic Arrangements, re: groups.

--some different structure in your community, you need to be economically independent or different, or the regular economy will be the base of political and social behavior

--like parent/child, global/alternative economy, growing away

--village self-sustaining, complexity vs. simplicity

e.g. Open Tech Cooperative

--trying to build a self-sustaining little world, running on technology

--maybe they're just doing open source hardware... that's the ultimate weapon for people to get out of the mainstream economy.


--Chihao's Vision: locally people will organize themselves (decentralization)(communes, etc.)(1920s to 1950s). 


--Having enough people that you can share, works, tasks, etc.

--Mesh networks:

e.g. California Ideologies:


--Digital Manifest Destiny (!?)

--Manifest Chilling (!?)

Meeting 12/17/2013 - Sally by ari kalinowski

Jenna Spevack:

Screen Shot 2013-12-17 at 7.15.28 PM.png

--"eight extraordinary greens"

--tension between art objects vs. participatory objects

Natalie Jeremijenko:

--decentralized working methods, artist think tank

--project based, research institution - digital + biological

Screen Shot 2013-12-17 at 7.42.52 PM.png

--one tree project (digital and physical trees)

--creating a biological instrument (health) (canary), using cloned trees to monitor environmental damage

Screen Shot 2013-12-17 at 7.40.37 PM.png

Aujik, forest in a forest:

--using nature vs. augmenting nature, augmented nature

Meeting 11/5/2013 - Sophia by ari kalinowski

  • Cybernetics: Systems, Control, Information and Redundancy -
    The science of control and information is called cybernetics. Control and exchange of information, also called communication, takes place in all systems. The term system covers both the system elements and their interactions. These generate the system properties. The theory covering the behaviour of systems is called system theory. Systems that live in a continuous exchange with their environment are called open systems . All living systems are open and in a steady state. This means that they are never in an stationary equilibrium.
  • STEMcloud v2.0 / ecoLogicStudio -
    The STEMcloud v2.0 project proposes the development and testing of an architectural prototype operating as an oxygen making machine. The project has been presented and designed for the SEVILLE ART and ARCHITECTURAL BIENNALE 2008.

  • Underground Greenhouse -
    Greenhouses are usually glazed structures, but are typically expensive to construct and heat throughout the winter. A much more affordable and effective alternative to glass greenhouses is the walipini (an Aymara Indian word for a "place of warmth"), also known as an underground or pit greenhouse. First developed over 20 years ago for the cold mountainous regions of South America, this method allows growers to maintain a productive garden year-round, even in the coldest of climates.
  • Paula Hayes -
    For two decades Ms. Hayes has melded her interest in Art and Landscape Design into a unique practice that straddles the realms of art, design, landscape design, domestic and garden products and artist books.
  • Philip Beesley Architect -
    Philip Beesley Architect Inc. (PBAI) is an interdisciplinary design firm located in Toronto, Canada, associated with the University of Waterloo School of Architecture. The studio’s design methods combine the durable crafts of heavy machining and building with advanced digital visualization, industrial design, digital prototyping, and mechatronics engineering. Sculptural work in the past three decades has focused on immersive textile environments, landscape installations and intricate geometric structures.
  • NY Botanics -
    Plant Tissue Culture and Micropropagation Laboratory

Meeting 10/24/2013 - Chihao by ari kalinowski

  • Punch and Judy -

    Mr Punch has been a popular entertainment for young and old for over two hundred years. Originally he came from Italy where he was known as Pulcinella.

  • Oliver Laric -

  • A People's History of the United States -
    The Note: This great book should really be read by everyone. It is difficult to describe why it so great because it both teaches and inspires. You really just have to read it. We think it is so good that it demands to be as accessible as possible. Once you've finished it, we're sure you'll agree. In fact, years ago, we would offer people twenty dollars if they read the book and didn't think it was completely worth their time. Of all the people who took us up on it, no one collected.

  • Turkey's "standing man" wins German award -
    A Turkish choreographer who gained international fame by standing motionless for hours during protests that swept the country a few months ago, is to be honoured with an award in Germany.
    - Passive protest
    - Why award?


  • Unconditional Basic Income -
    Unconditional Basic Income (UBI) - Exploring a pathway towards emancipatory welfare conditions in the EU. Unconditional basic income as a right -- transitional to a society where money is obsolete/only used for luxury items?

  • North Korean Propaganda Paintings -
    CCTV building instead of Mao's head


    Superkilen, designed by BIG, TOPOTEK 1 and SUPERFLEX, is a one kilometer long urban space wedging through one of the most ethnically diverse, and socially challenged neighbourhoods in Denmark. The wedge (in Danish: kilen) is structured along three spatial zones (red, black and green) and populated by 108 objects and 11 trees from all over the world.
    Since its inception, Superkilen has been widely and controversially debated. The book SUPERKILEN - a project by BIG, TOPOTEK1 and SUPERFLEX invites readers behind the scenes of its making through the reflections of its main protagonists. It discusses the implications of the project in relation to changes in the conception of public space and to the increasing expectations connected to public investments nowadays. It places emphasis on urban planning, modes of participation, collaboration and conflicts, and discusses the possibilities of a shared, yet heterogeneous space.

  • Markets not Capitalism -
    Individualist anarchists believe in mutual exchange, not economic privilege. They believe in freed markets, not capitalism. They defend a distinctive response to the challenges of ending global capitalism and achieving social justice: eliminate the political privileges that prop up capitalists.

  • The People's Library -
    The People’s Library is the collective, public, open library of the Occupy Wall Street leaderless resistance movement.
    - "Reading as protest"

  • -

  • Github and Governement -
    GitHub was built with code in mind so that developers could work together, no matter where they were. Code, data and words are all simply text, so GitHub's collaboration features go way beyond just benefiting developers.
    - "Open source to open government"

Pre-Meetings by ari kalinowski

  • The Conversation -
    The Conversation explores visions of our future and questions of the good.

  • Shareable -
    Shareable is a nonprofit news, action and connection hub for the sharing transformation.
  • Critical Art Ensemble -
    (CAE) is a collective of five tactical media practitioners of various specializations including computer graphics and web design, film/video, photography, text art, book art, and performance.
  • Q-N-Q AUJIK -
    AUJIK are an contemporary artist mainly working with CGI-video, photos, installations, clothes, music and paintings. Concept of the work is how Strong AI/AGI(Artificial General Intelligence)transcends with the human mind and vice verse. AUJIK is constructed as an esoteric group who believes in animism and worships nature.
  • Comparative Constitutions Project -
  • The Sixth Sense, Pattie Maes -
    A wearable device with a projector that paves the way for profound interaction with our environment. Imagine "Minority Report" and then some.
  • etoy.CORPORATION -
    etoy.CORPORATION is art and invests all resources in the production of art beyond traditional dimensions. The aim is to take the resources, tools and legal framework of our time to create a corporate sculpture - a shareholder company registered in Zug/Switzerland that has no other purpose than cultural value.
  • Open Tech Forever -
    Open Tech Forever (OTF) is dedicated to developing new and improved, open source versions of modern and cutting-edge technologies.
  • Technical Machine -
    Tessel is a microcontroller that runs JavaScript. Use it to easily make physical devices that connect to the web.

  • DIYbio - was founded in 2008 with the mission of establishing a vibrant, productive and safe community of DIY biologists.  Central to our mission is the belief that biotechnology and greater public understanding about it has the potential to benefit everyone.
  • Flock House -
    t if mobile, self-sufficient living units were the building blocks for future cities? By reflecting the future of urban space and building off of what is already there, Flock House is a group of migratory, public, sculptural habitats that are movable and modular with the ability to merge.
  • Mary Mattingly / Air Ship Air City -
    Air Ship Air City (ASAC) is a proposal for an airborne laboratory that augments city land while imagining future cities in the sky. Designed as an autonomous living system for rising sea levels and overcrowded cities, it instigates repurposing the use and meaning of underutilized spaces. In preparation for an increase in population, a decrease in usable land, and a greater flux in environmental conditions, people will need to rely closely on immediate communities and look for alternative living models; ASAC intends to prepare, inform, and provide an alternative to current and future living spaces.
  • Swimming Cities of Serenissima -
    The Swimming Cities of Serenissima was a fleet of three hand crafted vessels that navigated the Adriatic Sea from the Litoral region of Slovenia to Venice, Italy in May of 2009. Designed by the visual artist SWOON, the floating sculptures are descendants of the Swimming Cities of Switchback Sea (Hudson River, 2008) and the Miss Rockaway Armada (Mississippi River, 2006 and 2007). SWOON’s boats were inspired by dense urban cityscapes and thickly intertwined mangrove swamps from her Florida youth. 
  • Dithyrambalina -
    a landmark village of musical, playable houses. Invented instruments embedded into the walls, ceilings, and floors of Dithyrambalina’s architecture will support boundary-breaking musical performances and inspire wonder, exploration and invention in visitors of all ages. This New Orleans Airlift project is the evolving brainchild of artists Swoon, Delaney Martin, Taylor Lee Shepherd and Jay Pennington in collaboration with over 100 more artists and musicians to date. 
  • Movement[edit source]
    Further information: DIYbio
    The biopunk movement is a small intellectual and cultural movement, which encompasses a growing number of scientists, artists, and cultural critics who are organizing to create public awareness of howgenomic information, produced by bioinformatics, gets used and misused. On the basis of a presumed parallel between genetic and computational code, science journalist Annalee Newitz has called for open-sourcing of genomic databases and declared that "Free our genetic data!" is the rallying cry of the biopunk.[1][2] Biological Innovation for Open Society is an example of an open-source initiative in biotechnologyaiming to apply open license for biological innovation.[9]