california ideologies

Meeting 1/21/14 - Chihao by ari kalinowski

*.) Caroline Woolard

--BFM/MFA/PHD - DIY-degree

--Trade School - skill-trade

--Our Goods - goods-trade

--She said: "As the networks grow, hierarchy grows too."

--One Community for the Rest of Her Life

--still looking for that community (?); does it exist (?)

--longer scale pieces

--ultimate site specific practice

*.) Sharing Economy

--Chihao wishes it went farther than just business

*.) Organization as Art.

--organizations as art pieces.

--conceptual organizations vs. actual organizations?

--The people's united nations, e.g. (see above).

*.) Alternative Economic Arrangements, re: groups.

--some different structure in your community, you need to be economically independent or different, or the regular economy will be the base of political and social behavior

--like parent/child, global/alternative economy, growing away

--village self-sustaining, complexity vs. simplicity

e.g. Open Tech Cooperative

--trying to build a self-sustaining little world, running on technology

--maybe they're just doing open source hardware... that's the ultimate weapon for people to get out of the mainstream economy.


--Chihao's Vision: locally people will organize themselves (decentralization)(communes, etc.)(1920s to 1950s). 


--Having enough people that you can share, works, tasks, etc.

--Mesh networks:

e.g. California Ideologies:


--Digital Manifest Destiny (!?)

--Manifest Chilling (!?)