What is Eco_Hacking?

  • Eco_Hacking is the nexus of Nature, Machines, Aesthetics, and Justice.
  • Eco_Hacking is Elon Musk friendly; fuck Shell; fuck BP.
  • Eco_Hacking is Revolt.
  • Eco_Hacking is giving free classes in your neighborhood on computer coding and DNA sequencing.
  • Eco_Hacking is Stewardship and Symbiosis.
  • Eco_Hacking is Rhizomatic Cyber-Shinto.
  • Eco_Hacking is refusing to accept the wholesale destruction of ecosystems, i.e. burning the library of the world.
  • Eco_Hacking is Blue, Green, and Black: Open Source, Environmentalist, and Decentralized.
  • Eco_Hacking is chilling with your algae reactor and bioprinting lungs on a chip.
  • Eco_Hacking is strapping an Oculus onto your face and soaring over the arctic tundra.

“You see in this beauty a dynamic stabilizing effect essential to all life. It's aim is simple: to maintain and produce coordinated patterns of greater and greater diversity. Life improves a closed system's capacity to sustain life. Life - all life - is in the service of life. Necessary nutrients are made available to life by life in greater and greater richness as the diversity of life increases. The entire landscape comes alive, filled with relationships and relationships within relationships...”

What is Biome Arts?

  • Biome Arts is an international collaborative of writers, artists, designers, engineers, architects, and activists.
  • Biome Arts is a school, a philosophy, and a set of skills for renegotiating our relationships with nature and culture.
  • Biome Arts holds weekly brainstorming sessions on artificial intelligence, biotechnology, and social justice.
  • Biome Arts also plans a large scale installation every two years (the “Eco_Hack”).
  • Biome Arts maintains partnerships with arts, engineering, political, and business organizations committed to ecological and distributive justice.
  • Biome Arts is Chihao Yo, Sally Bozzuto, David Kim, Saito, Brian House, Hyo Jin Yoo, Adam Frezza, Terri Chiao, Sylvia Cena-Clark, and Adam Clark.

“As long as there is an AI shortcoming in any such area of endeavor, skeptics will point to that area as an inherent bastion of permanent human superiority over the capabilities of our own creations. It can be argued, however, that within several decades information-based technologies will encompass all human knowledge and proficiency, ultimately including the pattern-recognition powers, problem-solving skills, and emotional and moral intelligence of the human brain itself.”