Denise Batchelor


Untitled refers to the current paradigm, the consequential relationship between humanity and the environment. Nature can be experienced dually, both as an appreciation of biodiversity and as a structure to primarily support our needs. Through this dual lens, it is often difficult to find a balance that serves all ecosystems. Only when we consider the interdependent nature of our world can we work towards a new model, one that considers the long-term health of the whole planet and all who dwell here.

This work relates to the themes of ecology, sustainability and energy by directing the viewers gaze to the duality present within the video, a visual analogy representing the human footprint upon the earth. The duration of the video combined with the seemingly unchanging subject matter are important elements. In a fast paced world of barely second glances, visual perception appears to be on the decline. It has become uncommon to give our full attention to anything for any length of time. Untitled challenges this current position by inviting the viewer to look a little more closely.